Trapped in Between

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Trapped in Between

Post by HellXButterfly on Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:58 pm

Trapped in Between

“You already know the answer…” A devilish grin faded to black.
She awoke suddenly, cold sweat, trembling and gasping for air. “Where am I?” She looked around. Familiar, good. Her breaths still heavy she studied her bedroom in the faint light. Something felt off to her, but she didn’t pay much attention to it. Running thoughts troubled her mind. As her eyes adjusted to the light she gulped feeling her throat dry. Shaking her head, she pulled the blankets off her and choked as her eyes widened. Her arm had a ghastly red mark etched across her wrist. “What?...Where did I get this from…?”
Before she had to time to react, a flashback hit her harm and sudden, much like a scratched movie disk. It faded in and out of reality to the broken memory. Breathing became hard. She fell forward her head in her hands. Grasping at her bed sheets as tears from the pain of the flashback fell onto her.
The color red. Blood. Tears. Her panting breaths. She saw it, blurred and filtered, unclear.This memory seemed to be taking a toll on her mortal soul.
“Eliza?! What’s wrong?!” A familiar voice shattered the air as Eliza felt the warmth of her sister’s arms wrap around her. Eliza starred her sister full of trembling fear. She lump in her throat slide down to her racing heart. The silent tears continued to fall as she tried to find her voice.
“E-Erik-ka?...” Eliza whimpered as she felt her body move to embrace her sister tightly, “I-I had a terrible’s tearing me apart because I can’t remember it…”
“Do you remember anything?...What happened to your arm?!” Erika gasped taking her sister’s arm.
“I don’t know...I woke and it was already there…” Eliza responded.
“Really?” Erika’s voice had changed slightly. Her tone had changed, but Eliza didn’t notice.
“All I remember is blood, the dreadful color everywhere…” Eliza flustered trying to recall her broken flashback dream.
“You already know the answer…” Erika whispered into Eliza’s ear. It sent a spine-tingling chills through Eliza’s body, because it sounded nothing like Erika.
“Wh-What did you just say? What do you mean?” Eliza opened her eyes, her sister was gone. Her arms wrapped around air,”Erika?!” She looked around frantically. Her room unremembered and now different. Empty. Broken. Decaying. Barren.
“Where am I?!” She cried out into the vacant room. She moved her hands to hold her head and push her hair out of her face. Something dripped down onto her cheek. Blood from an open cut on her wrist. She gaped at the sight, “Why am I bleeding? What’s going on?” She screamed running towards her bedroom door to exit this nightmare. Upon opening the door she found Erika crying, holding a photo of the two of them,”Erika! Help me!” She called out. She didn’t react. “Why is she acting like she can’t hear me?!” Eliza reached out to touch her shoulder. She couldn’t. Her hand phased through as if a hologram.
She called out to her sister over and over again. Her sister never heard,” Please! Look at me! Help me!”
“Why did you leave us?” Her sister’s voice broke.
“What are you talking about?! I’m right here! I’m right in front of you! Why are you acting like this?!”
“Were we not good enough to help you? Was our love not enough?....Did I not do enough?” She continued to mutter.
“Erika, please I don’t understand what you mean. I’m right in front of you, I don’t know what you’re talking about!”
“Why did you kill yourself when we were all here for you?” Erika sobbed.
Eliza froze....Memories connected. She remembered the blood; tears; heartache; razor...Her wrist stung as she fell to her knees from the pain. She felt unlike herself. She screeched in pain. Eliza started to lose control. It was too intense for her. She screamed and screamed for it to stop, but it would not. It seemed endless as she felt herself slip into a darkened state. Her vision blurred until she saw nothing but darkness. Darkness engulfed her, the light had slipped away. Gone.


Hey guys, this was a random short story/drabble I had to do for English and I kinda liked it, so here ya go! Smile

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