Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself

Post by HellXButterfly on Mon Mar 21, 2016 12:00 am

Hey there. Like a Star @ heaven

So, I really don't know how to start this off. *Laughs*
Mmm...I have six alternate personalities that I go by. *Smiles softly*
I don't know how most people will take that...but it doesn't stop me from being me. *Smiles brightly*

Very Happy Vanessa Abrera (Main, Birth Certificate, School Records, Etc.)
Razz Yuki Nakato
Wink Kanade Iwasawa
pirat Hex(ion) Yuzuki
study Alice Kirigaya
Twisted Evil Zana Iwasawa

Not only are those all of my personalities that you can come to know in time, but I also use them to Rp and they all Rp themselves.
I'm one of the admins here on SoulCafe and the creator of this website.
Get to know me, and I'll get to know you.
Let's RP!! flower

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